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Honda Producing Hundreds of Thousands of American Made Cars

Other auto manufacturers keep closing U.S. factories and abandoning their sedan and small car models, but Honda’s American presence and lineup remains as strong as ever. At present Honda has:

  • Invested Over $5.6 Billion Towards U.S. Manufacturing
  • 75 Facilities Employing American Workers
  • 6 Out of the 10 Most Fully Made-in-America Vehicles

That’s why you’ll find a wide array of American made cars at any Greater Milwaukee Honda Dealers location.

At the same time, Ford is making headlines by cutting models like the Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, and Taurus from their lineup. That should mean close to 90% of their North American car lineup will be gone by 2020. Though we can’t yet say how this will impact the U.S. economy, we do know that a similar move has seen thousands of jobs cut across Europe and the possible closure of European facilities. General Motors is certainly taking such a path. They’re reconstructing their lineup to phase out the Chevrolet Cruze, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Volt, Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, and Cadillac XTS. That means the closure of five American facilities as well as substantial layoffs.

In refreshing contrast, Honda’s U.S. plants, which produced close to two-thirds of all Honda and Acura models sold in America during 2018, show no signs of slowing down. In fact, select 2018 U.S. production totals include:

  • 1,240,000 Cars and Light Trucks
  • 1,438,000 Automobile Engines
  • 1,185,000 Transmissions
  • 1,690,000 General Purpose Engines

Honda 2018 U.S. Production Totals

Honda U.S.-Based Production

In 1985, Honda become the first Japanese automaker to build engines in the U.S. They then became the first to build transmissions in the U.S. (1989) and export U.S.-built vehicles to overseas markets (1987). Since then, they’ve exported over 1.3 million automobiles from the country and built 12 manufacturing facilities across the United States to produce:

  • Honda and Acura Vehicles
  • Honda and Acura Engines, Transmissions, and Components
  • Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
  • Power Equipment
  • Powersports Products


The Honda Accord, Honda Accord Hybrid, and Honda CR-V, plus various Acura models and engine types, are all produced in Ohio facilities located in Marysville, Anna, and East Liberty.


Honda Precision Parts of Georgia remains the only producer of Honda’s cutting-edge 10-speed automatic transmission system.


The Honda Insight Hybrid comes from Honda’s Indiana plant, further increasing the company’s investment in the production of electrified vehicles in America.


When the all-new 2019 Honda Passport joined Alabama’s production roster, it became the 8th Honda light truck to be both developed and built in the United States.


HondaJet is designed and built by the Honda Aircraft Company, located in Greensboro, while aircraft engines are produced by Honda Aero in Burlington.

United States Honda Plant Locations

Made in the U.S.A.

The first Honda plant opened in Marysville, Ohio back in 1979. Right now, Honda builds products at 12 manufacturing plants across the U.S., with a staggering total output of 26.1 million cars and light trucks since 1982.



Honda Invests in America

The first of Honda’s U.S. business operations was a simple Los Angeles storefront. Of course, that was way back in 1959. Honda has now fulfilled its longstanding commitment to build products closer to the consumer by investing in America for 60 years. In fact, Honda’s investment into U.S. operations reached a healthy $5.6 billion during the past five years. They’ve also:

  • Employed more than 31,000 associates in the U.S., 75 percent of them working in manufacturing.
  • Set up 75 U.S. facilities, including manufacturing plants, R&D facilities, parts centers, marketing, sales, service, and finance operations.
  • Invested $1.1 billion into American R&D operations.
  • Developed the longest U.S. manufacturing presence of any international automaker.
Honda U.S. Investments Graphic

Honda U.S. Materials Suppliers Map

Honda Top Investment States

Investing in America’s Communities

The people at Honda understand that investing in the U.S. economy is only part of what makes vehicles feel American made, so they also set up the American Honda foundation to invest in communities across the country. Since 1984, they’ve awarded grants to organizations that have served more than 118 million Americans.



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